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Los Angeles County

VC Pressure Washing (Residential/Commercial)
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Car Wash/Detailing
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Professional Barbering


Custom Apparel Printing Services


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Los Angeles, CA

(323) 252-2553

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Vertueux Conscient LLC is growing bigger and bigger and becoming more effective everyday. We are here to see what needs to change, put forward the effort to make that change, and STAND ON IT…. and ultimately thrive TOGETHER while doing so. 

Not only do we provide conscious fashion to silently display what our people stand for, but we also provide services to help the community and also stimulate the economy. 

With over 10 years of professionalism in each service, we plan to touch lives all over and turn frowns into smiles and make the world a better place.

 We cant wait to change the world. One garment, one service, one good deed at a time. From the heart, not for the gram. Join the revolution.

We look forward to doing business with.